How to Wear a Short Mini Dress During the Day (And Get Away With It!)

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A short mini dress can look amazing on the hanger, but when it actually comes to wear the dress out, it can be a different story. A lot of us feel self conscious in very short dresses and when it feels like we have a lot of skin on show during the daytime, it can lead to some awkward glances. However, with a few tips and tricks, you can wear even the tiniest dress and get away with it!

Short mini dress

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When it Comes to a Short Mini Dress, a T Shirt Dress Can be Key

The key to getting away with a tiny mini dress is to make sure it looks casual, and what’s more casual than a cute tee? A band-style or patterned T shirt dress will have a relaxed fit and eye catching design that’ll take the focus off your legs. With round necks, V-necks, splits and tucks to choose from, a T shirt dress can have a lot of shape without being too clingy.

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Choose a Loose Silhouette

Speaking of clingy, a short mini dress with a loose silhouette will look sophisticated and allow you to experiment with length. Shirt dresses are great as they have a loose style but can be cinched in with a belt to create an hourglass figure with no control pants needed! A short, tight dress is guaranteed to be a head turner, but more floaty or boxy styles are much more suited for daytime wear. Grab a shirt dress or a shift and work those legs!

Short grey mini dress

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Why Long Sleeved Minis are Best for Daytime

The length of the sleeves on your mini dress can make a bigger difference than you’d think, but it’s all about evening out the amount of skin on show. To get away with a mini dress during the day, it helps to minimise the amount of bare skin that can be seen, which means the shorter your dress, the longer your sleeves should be. Opt for three quarter or full length sleeves to give the illusion of being more covered up.

jumper mini dress

The Melrose Jumper Dress is one of our favourites, find it here.

Get to Love Layering

If you love shorter style dresses but aren’t so keen on showing a lot of skin, layering is an easy answer and one that allows you to wear mini dresses all year round. For an awesome daytime look, try layering a mini dress over leggings or jeggings to show off the style without having to bare all. Shift dresses and looser styles are best for this, but a pair of thick tights will look great under almost any dress. You could also layer with a boyfriend cardigan or long coat which will keep you warm while allowing you to cover up.

denim mini dress

Pair over the knee boots with a gorgeous mini dress.

Footwear Can be Your Best Friend

Thigh high boots are so on trend, so what better way to wear them than to pair with a mini dress? Whether you’re a fan of chunky heels, stiletto heels or wedges, a few inches of thigh can make the difference when you’re working with a super short dress! With over the knee boots, the dress won’t seem so daring but you’ll still be able to look very put together for daytime.

Hayley mini jumper dress

The Hayley dress is one of our faves, find it here.

Stick to Knit

In the colder months of the year, finding a suitable dress can be a difficult task in itself. However, knitted dresses and sweater dresses are brilliant all year round and, because they’re thicker and denser than a normal dress, no one will bat an eyelid when you wear them during the day. Chunky cable knit jumper dresses are our favourites, while roll necks and turtle necks work really well by balancing out the amount of skin on show. Wear a mini sweater dress and knee high boots together for a super on trend outfit.

Choose your dress wisely with our tips and you’ll always feel confident in a short mini!

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