Want to know why two piece dresses are our style crush?

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Want to know why two piece dresses are our style crush?

One of the most major trends to hit our stylish shelves in recent years has been the arrival of two piece dresses. If you thought your love affair with the twice as nice offering was going to be short lived… think again! Matchy matchy pairing have proved not only their fashionable worth, but also that they’re here to stay. We couldn’t be happier. So if you haven’t yet taken the leap into synchronised dressing, fear not! Here we share our five, not so secret reasons why coordinated dressing will forever remain our style crush.

Two piece dresses

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Effortlessly create a head-to-toe look in two piece dresses

1. Skirt and top combo

We’ve all been there… you’ve settled on the sofa for a Netflix marathon only to hear your phone chirp thanks to a notification of a simply unmissable night on the town. You need to be there in seconds and your style needs to be on point of course. Enter oh so stylish two piece dresses!

For those nights when you need to run and go, a skirt and top combo are your knight in shining armour. The perfectly polished set allows you to easily create that head to toe look that you crave, without the headache of trying to decide what to wear. It’s easy breezy dressing with minimum effort. What more could you ask for?!

Monochrome top and skirt set

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2. Amp up your skirt and top set

With the basis of your outfit so easily taken care of, it’s time to add oodles of personality to your two piece dresses thanks to your choice of accessories. Whether you’re rocking that #OOTD or need a killer look for the dance floor, your outfit’s finishing touches take your personal style to the next level. For daytime chic, rock chicks are embracing their darker side.

Think stacked rings and always-on-trend black ankle boots. We love the look completed with leather biker jacket, helping ensure you’re fashionably set for whatever comes your way. When it comes to night, you can really amp up your look. Add a statement necklace, killer heels and clutch and turn heads all night long. Finish with a relaxed blazer for a polished look, or why not team with a bomber jacket to give your look a little more edge?

3. Mix and match your skirt and top set

If you love getting creative with your clothing, then two piece dresses are your new style staple! While we’re all about perfectly coordinated dressing, for those days when you dare to be a little different, try mixing and matching your coords for a multitude of outfit options. Never be photographed in the same look twice thanks the skirt and top set.

Checked co-ord combo

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4. Wedding season calls for that skirt and top set

And when wedding season arrives, a skirt and top set is our number one choice, sure to earn you the title of best dressed guest. When it comes to the silhouette, choose between slinky, fitted styles, or play up to vintage vibes in a 50’s style inspired skirt. These are two completely different looks but both equally stunning we’re sure you’ll agree! Again, accessories come into play here. Choose your faves, and don’t forget to finish with a hat or fascinator, sure to get you noticed for all the right reasons.

5. Endless print options keep your skirt and top set stylish

From fabulous florals to pretty patterns, bold pops of colour and colour blocking style, the options really are endless. With tonnes of silhouette and print options, whatever the season, occasion or your style, you’re sure to find your perfect match. All hail two piece dresses!

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