The Velour Tracksuit – Want to know the 5 unexpected ways to wear yours?

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The Velour Tracksuit – Want to know the 5 unexpected ways to wear yours?

No, this isn’t a #ThrowBackThursday or even a #FlashBackFriday…the velour tracksuit has made a welcome return thanks to queen of selfies, Kim Kardashian and street style starlet, Rihanna. The allure of velour has proved this throw back trend is suitably back on track and our constant desire to remain cosy yet chic is effortlessly met.

Before you cast your velour tracksuit to the side, you might want to check out these reasons why you shouldn’t…

Velour tracksuit

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5 unexpected ways to wear your velour tracksuit


 1. The ladies velour tracksuit is perfect for that wedding morning prep

If you’re getting married, the morning of your wedding calls for comfort! Before you don that dress of your dreams, you’ll need to whip off whatever you’re wearing, without ruining your flawless hair and make-up. Cue the velour tracksuit! Easy to get in and out of, you can easily get changed without fear of smudging anything.

Plus, no doubt your morning will be a selfie worthy affair, not to mention your photographer will be on-hand to snap all those prep shots. Nothing screams pre-wedding photos more than co-ordinating style! Choose a white velour tracksuit for yourself and kit your leading ladies out in your wedding’s colour scheme. Say hello to amazing photos and bag yourself the title of best bride ever, as voted by your bridesmaids!

2. Travel in style and comfort

Let’s face it… long-haul flights aren’t anyone’s favourite thing, so we’re all about making it as painless as possible. For a long day which demands hours of sitting, only the comfiest attire will do. Choose your favourite velour trackie, paired with high-tops and hoodie, and settle down in your seat for total relaxation. Oh, and don’t forget that eye-mask for some beauty sleep.

Ladies velour tracksuit

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3. Stylish sleepovers are all about the ladies velour tracksuit

A catch-up with friends calls for the ultimate combo of style and comfort so the velour tracksuit should be top of the list. Matching tackies for you and your BFF have never been cuter.  If it’s good enough for Mean Girls, it’s good enough for us!

4. Work out wows are covered

For those days on the go, when you need to gym and go, dress for the occasion in your tracksuit. Thanks to the style appeal of the velour tracksuit, worrying about how you look is no longer a woe. Meet your high style standards safe in the knowledge that it’s perfect for going to and from the gym, and even working out in. And to really dress for the occasion, pair with a crop top and flaunt those killer abs. Work it girl!

Womens velour tracksuit

Work it out thanks to this Suedette Tracksuit, available here

5. Dress it up and show your style

If celebrities have taught us anything, it’s that we can dress how we want, when we want. Think the velour trackie is confined to the house? Think again! With a celeb squad following that we can only dream of being a part of, the stars are proving the versatility of the tracksuit. Whether you’re shopping ‘til you drop, or heading for brunch with friends, don’t snub the tracksuit. Get creative with your style and see what combo you can create. Our advice? Keep it chic by choosing a funkier shoe. Opt for a cute top and team with a denim jacket to turn heads wherever your day takes you.

So wherever your style and wherever you need to be, ensure you are both stylishly covered and feeling at your comfiest, thanks to the alluring velour tracksuit.

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