Are Slim Tracksuit Bottoms the New Ripped Jeans?

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The popularity of the ripped jeans trend is undeniable, whether you practically live in a pair or can’t stand the sight of them. With the right outfit, a ripped knee or thigh can be taken from dishevelled to delightful but a new trend in casual-wear might have many of us breathing a sigh of relief. For those who prefer not to take the chance of braving chilly winds with exposed limbs, slim tracksuit bottoms are the perfect answer. With a more tailored look than regular tracksuit bottoms, these offer the chance to create chilled everyday outfits that maximise comfort without scrimping on style!

Black Slim Tracksuit Bottoms

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Could Slim Tracksuit Bottoms Become More Popular Than Ripped Denim?

Maybe this trend has filtered down from celebrities, who are often pictured looking fashionable but paired-down when they’re spotted boarding a flight or enjoying a lunch with friends. While skinny ripped jeans might be too much to bear while travelling, slim tracksuit bottoms offer just the right amount of comfort without veering too far into loungewear.

Black Slim Tracksuit Bottoms

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The brilliant thing about slim jogging bottoms is that a black pair can complete almost any outfit, giving the illusion of a look that’s been carefully put together, even if you’ve just thrown them on. Plus, just like ripped boyfriend jeans, they look equally great with a classic pair of trainers as they do with towering heels. Tracksuit bottoms might not be club-appropriate, but they definitely won’t be out of place on a Saturday afternoon shopping trip or at a lazy Sunday morning brunch.

Slim Tracksuit Bottoms

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Textured Tracksuit Bottoms Add a New Dimension to an Outfit

Tracksuits have often been considered as either sportswear for team sports or the gym, or as a casual, baggy outfit that in many cases shouldn’t be seen outside the front door. But slim tracksuit bottoms may change that, becoming a very feasible alternative to jeans.

There’s no doubting that black is the most versatile colour when it comes to slim jogging bottoms. However with a host of different textures and embellishments on offer, there’s no reason why these might not become even more popular than ripped jeans for adding personality to a look. Texture and ruching can add the same amount of detail to legwear as rips, but without the tears and loose threads, tracksuit bottoms can often look smarter than holey denim.

Grey Slim Tracksuit Bottoms

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Styling Slim Jogging Bottoms

It isn’t just black tracksuit bottoms on offer, classic grey marl jogging bottoms have been given the skinny treatment in order to look smarter and much more flattering. Light khaki green is also a popular colour, which has a subtle chino feel and can easily be dressed up or down – pair with trainers and a T shirt for a comfy daytime look, or choose a tank top or shirt and open toe heels for an easy smart-casual outfit.

Khaki Tracksuit Bottoms

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We might have thought that ripped boyfriend jeans were the ultimate in casual legwear, but slim tracksuit bottoms offer an even comfier option. If you thought trackies were only fit for lounging in front of the TV or running into the corner shop for a pint of milk, be prepared to think again!

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