Forget Black Dresses – 5 Reasons Why a Colourful Maxi Dress is Your New BFF

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Forget Black Dresses – 5 Reasons Why a Colourful Maxi Dress is Your New BFF

Black maxi dresses have long been a wardrobe staple – they’re easy to wear and it’s super easy to pair them with accessories but they can be a bit, well, boring! From easily making new friends to showing off your curves, there are some brilliant reasons why you need at least one colourful maxi dress in your life, aside from injecting a bit more variety into your wardrobe!

Blue Colourful Maxi Dress

Check out this gorgeous blue maxi by clicking here.


The Top Five Reasons to Ditch the Black Dress and Make a Colourful Maxi Dress Your New BFF

1. Stand Out from the Crowd in a Colourful Maxi

The LBD trend isn’t going away any time soon, making it all too easy for a dark coloured dress to just blend into a sea of black dresses. Black can look sophisticated, but it can sometimes look a bit dull. Wearing a colourful maxi dress as an alternative to a dark colour can help you stand out from the crowd; who wouldn’t be drawn to a sexy red or bright blue dress versus the usual black? A coloured or patterned maxi will take things to the next level, helping you express your fun personality to make sure all eyes are on you!

Beautiful Bright Orange Maxi Dress

Get tongues wagging in the stunning Lost In Love dress here.


2. Make New Friends with the Help of Your Maxi

It might sound surprising, but a colourful maxi could be your key to meeting new people and making new friends. Compared to blacks and greys, a colourful dress says you’re fun, confident and not afraid to express yourself! This can make you seem more approachable, meaning it’s easier to get a conversation started, whether you’re looking to expand your friendship circle at a party or hunting for Mr Right on a night out. Choose a light, subtle colour to get you out your comfort zone, or if you’re loud and proud, go all out in a bright red or fiery orange maxi.

Colourful Maxi Design

Take a look at our colourful maxi dresses here.


3. A Great Last Minute Outfit

This type of dress is perfect to have ready in your wardrobe for days when you’re in a rush or evenings when you want a hassle-free outfit. While a black dress can often need accessorising to spruce it up, colourful dresses are a whole outfit in themselves. Forget fiddly jewellery or awkward trendy bags when you’re wearing a colourful maxi dress – a stunning pair of shoes is all you need to make sure you look your best.

Light Pink Maxi Dress

Take a look at this beautiful light pink dress by clicking here.


4. Flaunt Your Curves

As well as helping you take a step out of your comfort zone, you might find that a light or brightly coloured maxi can actually make you slimmer than black or dark blue options. This is particularly true of long, flowing dresses as colourful fabric helps to accentuate the way the fabric falls, so you’ll look elegant rather than frumpy. Green, blue, red or pink  – if you’re looking for a dress that keeps you covered but accentuates your figure, you can’t beat a colourful maxi.

Blue Flowery Maxi Dress

Chill out during the day or head out in the evening in this beautiful flowery maxi here.


5. Easily Take a Colourful Maxi from Day to Night

You can never go wrong with this type of dress at as it’s so easy to take from day to night. The long length makes a maxi elegant, but a bold colour means you’ll never look over or under dressed. Wear a coloured maxi to an afternoon wedding and dance the night away at the reception, or spend a day at the beach and look perfect at a bar in the evening. This type of dress is a real all-rounder and a definite wardrobe staple!

Whether your style is more pretty in a subtle pink, or gorgeous in bright green, pick your favourite shade and say goodbye to black in a colourful maxi!

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