Fancy learning the 5 reasons to love womens jogging bottoms?

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Fancy learning the 5 reasons to love womens jogging bottoms?

Nothing quite beats the feeling of pulling on a pair of womens jogging bottoms, and settling down on the sofa for a Netflix marathon. But, what if we told you that you no longer have to stay at home to be comfy?! Thanks to off duty models and street style sported at fashion weeks around the world, trackies have never been more stylish. We couldn’t be happier about it! From fashion blogs, to the stylish pages of fashion magazines, fashionistas can’t get enough of chic jogging bottoms.

If you think this is one trend you can’t pull off… think again. Here, we share 5 reasons why jogging bottoms will forever be our favourite style and comfort duo…

womens jogging bottoms

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5 reasons to love womens jogging bottoms


1. Ladies jogging bottoms are the new skinny jeans

Yup – you heard it here first! There’s a new form of fashion forward attire in town and we can’t get enough of ’em. While we love skinny jeans, we’re ready to embrace comfort and thankfully womens jogging bottoms offer just that! Long gone are the days of boring, baggy tracksuit bottoms. Designers have upped the ante and given them a major makeover in line with what women really want. Sleek silhouettes and tapered bottoms perfectly bridge the gap between comfort and style.

2. Dress ’em up or down

This point is definitely one of our favourites! We’re all about trying new things and so we can’t get enough of dressing our womens jogging bottoms up. If you’ve ever wanted to leave the house in your trackies but worry about what others might say, now is your chance! Joggers are proving they’re far from boring. Well tailored and designed bottoms with interesting finishing touches, patterns and prints are what sets them apart from the rest. No longer sloppy, designers have taken them from shabby to chic! Try pairing your fav bottoms with a chic blouse and open toe sandals for an selfie worthy #OOTD look.

But while they’re now at the forefront of fashion, that doesn’t mean your trusty tracksuit bottoms still can’t serve the purpose of lounging. For those days at home when nothing other than comfort will do, pull on your stylish jogging bottoms, safe in the reassurance that you look far from frumpy. And what you wear on your top half is entirely up to you. A slogan tee is a real statement piece, which nods to your personality, while a matching hoodie offers a perfectly coordinated look.

Ladies jogging bottoms

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3. Find your perfect fitting ladies jogging bottoms

When it comes to finding your perfect pair, fit is key! The aim of the game is comfort and style, so choose a pair which are fitted, but not too tight, particularly at the ankles and waist, with a little room at the legs. This means you can wear them all day, feeling super comfy in your choice!

4. Find your perfect silhouette

It’s no surprise that as ladies, we come in all shapes and sizes and the golden rule when shopping, is to choose clothing which perfectly flatters your silhouette. When it comes to joggers, let your body shape guide you. Petite gals are best to avoid being swamped in material, or risk looking shorter. Choose bottoms with tailored legs and a lengthening finishing touch such as a flattering coloured stripe down each leg. This instantly adds length and gives the illusion of being taller. And don’t forget, you can nail another trend by rolling up your bottoms to the desired length.

Likewise, apple shaped ladies suit tailored trackies due to their amazing legs, while pear shapes should choose a fit with a bit more flare to strike a balance. Choose darker colours and avoid drawing attention with delicate detailing. Or, for those lucky ladies with a highly sought hourglass figure, accentuate that waist with a fitted top and trousers combo.

ladies jogging bottoms

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5. Sport a chic look in your jogging bottoms

If you’re a gym bunny you’ll know that womens tracksuit bottoms are the holy grail of gym attire. But now, thanks to the clothing’s major style overhaul, long gone are the days of having to change when you get to the gym. With high style standards, you can effortlessly go from home to gym, and vice versa, thanks to their versatility and flattering styles.

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