7 Essential Reasons To Love Your Pink Tracksuit

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As I sit here and write this it’s a Sunday afternoon, and I’m currently wearing my favourite Honeyz pink tracksuit. It’s super comfortable and perfect for when my weekend is a mixture of on-the-go and working at my desk. So it got me thinking… why don’t I wear it more?

This year I’ve vowed to wear more of what I love and less of what I don’t and my favourite tracksuit is definitely top of my love list. So I thought I’d share with you just why I love it, as well as my favourite ways to rock it because this is one item you definitely need in your wardrobe.

Pink tracksuit

Staying in has never looked so stylish, thanks to this Velvet Roses Snug Suit, available here.

7 reasons to love your pink tracksuit

1. It’s good enough for celebs

If I’m a bit stuck for some style #inspo, I always look to my fave celebrities when I’m having a bit of a fashionable block. Thankfully, open any magazine and you’ll instantly be met with pages and pages of celebrity style. And of course, top of everyone’s list is the pink tracksuit. From Kim Kardashian to the ultra chic Gigi Hadid, these ladies are proving that pink is the only way to wear your tracksuit this season.

2. Pink tracksuits for women are flattering on all skin tones

As a kid you probably wore pink a lot of the time and didn’t you just love it? Not only is it a feel good colour, it looks amazing on all skin tones. If your skin tone is lighter, opt for baby pink hues. Or, for olive and darker tones, choose tracksuits in vibrant pink or fuchsia tones to project a rosy glow against your complexion. So if your mood ever needs a little lift, just pop on your pink tracksuit, because this colour will make you feel better in seconds!

Pink tracksuits for women

Dare to bare a little in this Suedette Tracksuit, available here.

3. There’s a silhouette for everyone

The great thing about tracksuits is that there really is a multitude of options available. Designers have met women’s stylish demands for the perfect combination between stylish and comfortable. Thankfully, they are now offering us a vast array of exciting designs when it comes to pink tracksuits for women.

Choosing your perfect pair of tracksuit bottoms couldn’t be easier. If you have a boyish shape, choose high waisted bottoms, which will draw attention to your midsection. Apple and pear shaped gals should choose wider legged bottoms, which will cleverly work to elongate your silhouette. Finally, hourglass beauties are all about tapered or skinny bottoms, which won’t overwhelm their figure.

4. It’s perfect for lounging in

My favourite one (obs) is that when I just want to lie about, but be prepared in case something unexpected pops up, my pink tracksuit is my go to. I practically live in it at the weekend because I’m reassured that if I need to get up and go, I’m stylishly covered.

5. And for those on-the-go days

The reason celebs are always spotted getting out of cars or off planes wearing a tracksuit is because it meets their stylish yet comfortably chic demands. On those days that you’re travelling or simply running errands, your pink tracksuit won’t let you down.

Pink tracksuits for women

Stay on the right fashionable track, thanks to this Velvet Crush Tracksuit, available here.

6. On Wednesdays we wear pink

The Mean Girls squad is quite possibly one of the chicest gangs around and they were definitely onto something when they dedicated every Wednesday to donning pink from head to toe. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us.

So whether you’re on-the-go or want figure flattering loungewear, get the look loved by celebs and choose a pink tracksuit today!

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